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  • What to Do When You Suspect Unconscious Bias on the Job

    October 26, 2015

    Regardless of career stage or industry, unconscious bias is quickly becoming an inevitable challenge on the horizon for both employers and employees. It’s becoming a topic of major concern in certain areas of employment discrimination, particularly due to its subtle, yet pervasive, nature. The risks of engaging in such biases may not seem immediately clear […]

  • Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments on $200M Wrongful Termination Suit Against PIMCO

    October 20, 2015

    LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20, 2015 — Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, released comments on bond guru Bill Gross’s $200M lawsuit against former employer Pacific Investment Management Company, also known as PIMCO. The suit alleges a group of executives orchestrated Gross’s wrongful termination in order to confiscate […]

  • My Boss Cut My Hours After I Filed a Charge with the EEOC? Is That Legal?

    October 19, 2015

    Filing a charge with the EEOC can be a precarious endeavor, but employees need to know the law protects them even after the file charging process has begun. An employer who retaliates could wind up under fire from both federal and state laws designed to prevent unfair backlash for discrimination in the workplace. Both the […]

  • 3 Important Steps to Take When Your Employer Refuses to Provide Reasonable Accommodation

    October 12, 2015

    Several bodies of both state and federal employment discrimination law address reasonable accommodation in associating with certain types of discrimination. These include Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act. In Title VII, requests for reasonable accommodation may come in to play in several different areas. One area, pregnancy discrimination, which […]

  • Harassment on the Job: Know Your Legal Options

    October 9, 2015

    Facing harassment at work? You’re not alone. Today, 30 percent of all claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission allege incidents of harassment on the job, and those numbers are increasing. While the best solution for dealing with harassment is always to let supervisors or managers know or to cooperate with your HR department […]

  • Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments On Texas Roadhouse Age Discrimination Case

    October 6, 2015

    LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6, 2015 — Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, released comments on an EEOC lawsuit filed against restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse based on allegations of age discrimination. The suit involves a class of former employees over the age of 40. “As more and more millennials gain traction […]

  • Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments on Georgia EEOC Pregnancy Discrimination Complaint

    September 28, 2015

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2015 /– Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination and personal injury firm Shegerian & Associates , released comments on a recent EEOC suit filed against Georgia staffing agency QSI Business Solutions. The suit alleges the agency violated laws against pregnancy discrimination when it refused to hire an […]

  • Women Accuse Founder of Bikram Yoga of Sexual Assault; He Denies Claims

    September 24, 2015

    Sarah Baughn and Dana McClellan, two of six women who are represented by Attorneys Carney Shegerian and Mary Shea, recently spoke with NBC 7 San Diego regarding the allegations against Bikram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury. Women — including one from San Diego — are stepping forward with allegations of sexual assault and emotional abuse against one […]

  • Pregnant During the Hiring Process? Your Legal Protection

    September 16, 2015

    Pregnant workers, and all workers, have important rights even before employment begins. During the hiring process, the rights of workers to be hired without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion and age is protected under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In some states such as California, and even in […]

  • Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments on New California Labor Rights Law

    September 14, 2015

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2015 — Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination and personal injury firm Shegerian & Associates, released comments on a new California labor rights law that prevents employers from conditioning employment with arbitration agreements. The law passed 22-15 in the California Senate on August 24, 2015. “The previous […]