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  • Combating Racial Discrimination in the Restaurant Industry: What You Should Know Now

    January 18, 2016

    It’s been over 55 years since the pivotal Greensboro, North Carolina sit-ins of the Civil Rights Era when African Americans protested “whites only” prohibitions against black patrons in restaurants. Those sit-ins weren’t the first to address blatant racism in restaurants across America, but they did have a significant impact on the entire civil rights movement. […]

  • 5 Hot Topics in Employment Discrimination and Why They Matter to You

    January 11, 2016

    The realm of employment discrimination law has been a hotbed for controversy concerning some of our most vulnerable groups for decades. Current events show no exceptions. Whether its sizing up the differences of opinion concerning freedom of religion and the rights of the LGBT community or protecting ex-cons from the unfair use of criminal background […]

  • Attorney Carney Shegerian Comments on Recent $4M Sara Lee EEOC Race Discrimination Settlement

    January 6, 2016

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 6, 2016 — Attorney Carney Shegerian, founder of the Los Angeles-based employment discrimination firm Shegerian & Associates, recently released comments on a $4 million settlement in a race discrimination suit against the parent company of the baked goods brand, Sara Lee. The suit came after a number of black workers filed a […]

  • 5 Ways An Employer’s Illegal Conduct Can Lead to Employment Discrimination

    January 4, 2016

    A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has revealed that disability discrimination in hiring is rampant in America’s workforce. The organization conducted a study in which over 6000 fake cover letters were sent to management level executives of accounting firms. The results show that America is still grappling with its commitment […]