Have an Employment Case to Refer?

We understand the difficulty in finding an employment law firm you can trust to maximize the value of your client’s case. Shegerian & Associates has been specializing in employment jury trial verdicts for almost 20 years and has obtained record results for our clients. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every case is effectively prepared for trial. Whether you have a big or small case or one that is simple or complex, nothing is beyond our reach. Shegerian & Associates has the time, resources and jury trial experience to most effectively represent your client in any labor and employment law case.

Trusting Shegerian & Associates with your client’s case has a number of advantages:


Generous referral fees paid


We welcome referrals and co-counsel relationships


The Shegerian & Associates team has years of experience in complex employment law jury trials


Carney Shegerian has won over 80 jury trials including 37 seven and eight figure jury trial verdicts

Who can take advantage of our Attorney Referral Program?

Shegerian and Associates welcomes referrals and co-counsel relationships with Attorneys who fall into the following categories and beyond:

Attorneys who specialize in a field of law other than labor and employment, but wish to see their client’s case handled with superior skill by a firm with a proven results

Attorneys who are in need of a prominent and reputable employment law firm

Attorneys who specialize in labor or employment and would like to co-counsel

Attorneys that lack the time, resourses and capital necessary for large and complex employment cases

Attorneys from jurisdictions outside of California that need assistance with employment law cases in the state

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Feel free to call us today at 310-860-0770 if you have an employment case you want us to review or feel free to email Carney directly at We welcome and appreciate your employment referrals!

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