$6M Verdict Martinez vs Rite Aid Unlawful Termination

Unlawful Termination: $6M Verdict, Martinez vs. Rite Aid

As an experienced wrongful termination Los Angeles firm, Shegerian & Associates recently won a $6.0 million verdict against Rite Aid. Maria Martinez, a former long-term employee of Rite Aid, filed the lawsuit after she was terminated after taking a medical leave of absence for a serious health condition and made a complaint about sexual harassment. 


This has been an over 10-year case and we have never given up on our clients to never give up on your clients. 


In 2008 Maria Martinez filed this action against her former employer, Rite Aid Corporation, and her former supervisor, Kien Chau. In 2010 a jury returned a special verdict in Martinez’s favor and awarded her $3.4 million in compensatory damages and $4.8 million in punitive damages. Following an appeal by Rite Aid and Chau, this court reversed the judgment and remanded the case for a new trial on compensatory damages on Martinez’s causes of action for wrongful termination in violation of public policy against Rite Aid and intentional infliction of emotional distress against Rite Aid and Chau. 


At the 2014 retrial, the jury awarded Martinez $321,000 on her wrongful termination cause of action against Rite Aid, $0 on her intentional infliction of emotional distress cause of action against Rite Aid.


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