Begin a Discrimination Case with Shegerian & Associates

Begin a Discrimination Case with the Help of Shegerian & Associates!

Discrimination Case — Defending Your Legal Rights

A discrimination case can often stem from sexual, racial or age related actions. An employer cannot condone these types of prejudicial conditions within their organization. If they are alerted to a discrimination case, they must take the necessary precautions and actions to correct the situation. When an employee cannot get a fair resolution, then they have the right to protect their rights through other legal avenues.

Discrimination Case — KMBC News Station

Three female news journalists working at KMBC commenced a lawsuit against their employer, KMBC, after being subjected to ongoing humiliation and intimidation. The workers found themselves being passed over for promotions that would go to younger employees. The age of the plaintiffs in this discrimination case is over 40 years old. The complaint made allegations of threats, disrespect and degradation. The suit has ended on an amicable note that involves all three plaintiffs continuing their employment at the news station.

Discrimination Laws in California

Under the California Fair Employment & Housing Act, employees cannot be discriminated against based on their age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, ancestry, race, age, religious creed, color, marital status and medical condition. If an employer does not comply with this state labor law, they can find themselves dragged into a serious discrimination case. It is important that employees be treated fairly in the workplace and that they experience a positive environment.

If you are having issues at your place of employment and need the help of a California lawyer, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates. They are waiting to help you with your discrimination case!

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