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Begin a Whistleblower Protection Lawsuit with the Help of Shegerian & Associates!

Enforce Your Legal Rights with a Whistleblower Protection Lawsuit

A whistleblower protection lawsuit can help an employee protect their legal interests in the event of retaliation. Many employers engage in unlawful conduct that often comprises of wrongful termination, demotion, or simply creating a hostile work environment. When an employee comes forward with accusations about an employer’s wrongdoing, an employer cannot strike back with illegal actions. A whistleblower protection lawsuit is often the best way to safeguard your employee rights in the workplace.

California State University – Whistleblower Protection Lawsuit Settled

After over $1 million in legal expenses and 7 years, the California State University has decided to settle this whistleblower protection lawsuit for $2.7 million. The case involves David Ohton, a strength coach at San Diego State that worked in the athletics department since 1986. He was demoted and had his hours cut after an audit discovered mismanagement. Ohton cooperated with the audit by providing key information, which ultimately led to the dismissal of 4 employees. He became the subject of retaliation and used the California Whistleblower Protection Act as the basis of his suit. Ohton is expected to retire in May, after 25 years of service.

Initiating a Whistleblower Protection Lawsuit

If your California employer is subjecting you to unlawful treatment after a whistle-blowing event, then you need to confer with a qualified whistleblowing attorney that is experienced in employment law. At Shegerian & Associates, you will find a skilled legal team that is ready to assist you with your whistleblower protection lawsuit. Contact them today to set up a consultation!

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