Legal Strategies to Fight Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Cases: Fight Disability Discrimination

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There are several California labor laws that protect persons with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace. While there are not specific laws in place for several possible occurrences, there are specific examples that have received judgment in the favor of the disabled employee. These judgments can cover everything from accommodations during the workday to termination due to discrimination. In many cases, the wrongdoing is plainly evident, while in others more proof could be needed.

Dealing with Discrimination

As California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act states, you are entitled to reasonable accommodation during your workday. This means you should have no issues reaching your workspace, and that the company should make every realistic effort to make the work environment accessible to you.

The California Labor Laws and the Americans with Disabilities Act states that you cannot be fired as a result of your physical or mental disabilities, unless it can be proven than you cannot do the job at hand. You are also allowed reasonable accommodations to do the job without fear of termination. If you feel as though you have been terminated unfairly, you must have adequate documentation to prove that you could perform the job from which you were terminated.

Finding Excellent Legal Assistance

You do have somewhere to turn if you feel you have been a victim of discrimination. Shegerian & Associates offers you an experienced legal team with knowledge in all areas of employment law. If you feel as though you need help enforcing your employment rights, you can count on the seasoned attorneys to help.

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