Discrimination Cases: Discrimination & Unemployment

Discrimination Cases: Discrimination and Unemployment

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In today’s economic environment, the unemployment rate is unusually high and many people are out of work and seeking employment in any way they can. Because of this high unemployment rate, a new and unique form of discrimination in hiring has taken shape that has not been seen or addressed in the past. Many employers are now refusing to hire possible applicants who are currently unemployed, making the unemployment problem even worse since those out of work are finding it impossible to find jobs.

New Laws Being Passed

Some states are starting to pass laws making this kind of discrimination illegal. Companies could face fines if they continue to actively not hire people who are currently unemployed or even ask for employment status on applications. Many companies have made it common practice to advertise for positions by saying specifically they will not hire anyone who is not currently employed and so unemployed individuals should not even bother applying. This unfortunately prevents many people who need jobs and are qualified from even having a chance to apply.

When to Get Help

While the idea of making discrimination against those who are unemployed illegal is still new and not yet widely spread, it is becoming a concerning issue and state and federal entities that address workplace discrimination problems are determining what course of action to take.

If you are unemployed and seeking work and feel you are being discriminated against due to your employment status, research your state’s laws to see if you have any action you can take. Talk to a Shegerian & Associates and they can help you decide what course of action to take as well.

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