What Should I Do If I Experienced Discrimination in Hiring?

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Recent reports have determined that discrimination based on race, sex, age, and national origin when it comes to hiring is still a major problem throughout much of the United States. Reports have found that many companies still hold stereotypes about jobs and who should hold those jobs that affect their hiring process in a negative way, meaning they do not hire certain people because of their background, age, race, etc. Additionally, certain recruitment tactics used by many companies ensure that only certain groups of people are aware of jobs and can apply for them based on a company’s desire to have specific kinds of people over others working for them.

Equal Employment Opportunities

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is continuing to work on developing new laws and policies that would prevent this kind of discrimination from occurring as well as ways to ensure that those who are victims of discrimination are compensated accordingly. Additionally, more effort will be placed on educating companies about these policies and educating the general public about anti-discrimination laws so they know their rights and where to go if it happens to them.

When to Seek Legal Recourse

Many times, discrimination cases can be difficult to prove and it often becomes a battle of he said, she said but there are avenues you can take if you feel you were not hired for a job because of discrimination. You can seek assistance from Shegerian & Associates if you feel you have lost any work because of discrimination.

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