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Employees Have the Right to Whistle Blow!

Whistle Blow Retaliation Is Against the Law!

Many employees find it necessary to whistle blow in order to stop a company from continuing their illegal activity, especially when it involves public health. When an employee decides to whistle blow, an employer is prohibited from taking retaliatory action. Below is a recent case in Tennessee in which a worker was brave enough to step forward about the illegal actions that his employer was taking.

Doug Hamill is suing his former employer, Serodino Inc., which is in the barge business. After Hamill decided to whistle blow about the employer’s actions to the U.S. Coast Guard, he was wrongfully terminated. The ex-employee warned his boss that forcing tugboat workers to have shifts in excess of 12 hours was not only unlawful, but also dangerous. Hamill had also warned that there was a lack of a proper lookout was perilous, crew members were doing drugs, and that safety training was not provided.

Because of the disregarded whistle blow, the employer was the source of two separate passenger boat accidents that resulted in three deaths. As part of the whistle blow complaint, Hamill is asking for punitive damages and back pay, since he was subjected to retaliatory acts after his whistle blow, such as poor assessment reports and humiliation. A widow of one of the victims is also suing the employer for wrongful death.

A worker has the right to caution the appropriate authorities of unlawful acts. If you feel that your employer is doing something wrong, then you should hire a highly experienced whistleblowing lawyers Shegerian & Associates for legal assistance!

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