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Employer Retaliation: Del Taco Lawsuit

Employer retaliation can occur in a number of employment situations. Most commonly, it is found in cases where an employee reports misconduct to an appropriate authority. Employers can be held accountable for illegal actions that are taken after a formal complaint has been commenced.

Del Taco Restaurant Lawsuit

A former female employee of Gala AZ Holdings Inc. d/b/a Del Taco, is suing the restaurant for employer retaliation. Adriana Lopez is claiming to have been subjected to sexual harassment and then being fired after reporting it. Lopez alleges that an assistant manager at Del Taco would physically touch and fondle her inappropriately. Upon making a formal complaint within the organization, Lopez found herself suspended and then terminated.

The complaint is being enforced by the EEOC and is claiming a violation of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. Under the Act, employers are prohibited from discriminating against a worker or engaging in retaliation. The suit was initiated after a pre-litigation settlement process failed. Lopez seeks damages, as well as an injunctive relief to stop future discriminatory practices. The EEOC made a formal statement that employees should be able to report discrimination without having to endure retaliation.

California Cases

The State of California affords employees various legal rights in the workplace. When your employer violates your rights, you can move forward with legal action if they fail to resolve the situation. You should consult with an experienced employment attorney in order to obtain sound legal advice and the best counsel. Contact Shegerian & Associates to have the merits of your employer retaliation case evaluated!

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