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Latest Employment Contract Violation Settlement

An employment contract violation can lead to wrongful termination and a loss of income to the affected employee. Employers are obligated to honor the terms of any contract that they have in place and may be held culpable for conduct that conflicts with the agreement. Employees have many different legal rights that must be upheld in the workplace.

West Mifflin Area School District Lawsuit

A settlement of $65,000 has been reached for a lawsuit that was initiated by Joseph Gajdos, the plaintiff who had a valid 5-year employment contract with the school district. He was laid off in June 2010 during his Dec 2007 to Dec 2012 contract. The school board voted and approved the settlement to end the complaint that was brought in a federal district court. Gajdos had an annual salary that amounted to $53,430. The settlement awards the plaintiff $43,075 and $21,925 to his attorney. As part of the resolution, Gajdos cannot seek reinstatement.

Defending Against an Employment Contract Violation

If an employer violates an employment contract, you should hire an experienced attorney to help defend your legal rights in the workplace. You could be entitled to reimbursement of economic losses, as well as other forms of damages.

An employment lawyer is well versed in the laws that are being violated by your employer. You can get sound legal advice and qualified counsel when you turn to Shegerian & Associates. Your California case deserves the best attention. Contact them today!

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