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Employer Held Liable for Minimum Wage Violations

Minimum wage levels must meet the federal standard of $7.25. In the State of California, the minimum wage is actually $8. When an employer fails to comply with federal, state or local regulations, they can be held accountable for their unlawful actions or activities.

Hard Rock Cafe, Inc Lawsuit

Hard Rock Cafe employees, specifically bartenders and servers, are initiating a class-action lawsuit involving a minimum wage violation. The lawsuit contends that the employer failed to provide minimum wage to its workers for a period of almost 3.5 years. The employer is alleged to have improperly taken a tip credit that is permitted in situations where employees that customarily receive tips have a pooling arrangement. However, there were employees that were sharing in the pool that do not meet the requirements. As such, Hard Rock would not be able to take advantage of the credit and instead must pay the full minimum wage.

California Law

California has clear laws in regards to minimum wage and employee compensation. For instance, a worker must be given rest periods and meal periods when they meet certain thresholds. The legal rights of employees must be upheld at all times, even in the workplace. Every worker has the right to be treated fairly, so that they can complete their duties in a non-hostile environment.

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