Combatting Workplace Gender Discrimination

Female Discrimination in the Workplace | Shegerian & Associates Can Help!

Recent Case of Female Discrimination in the Workplace

Female discrimination in the workplace is a violation of the Civil Rights Act, as well as many state and local regulations. Employers are not allowed to stereotype or mistreat female workers based on their gender. Unlawful actions can lead to a hostile work environment that can be characterized by harassment, physical abuse, and a denial of job benefits.

Monique Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Group SA

A federal lawsuit has been filed against Publicis Group SA in the State of New York. The advertising company is facing allegations of pay and promotion discrimination towards female workers. According to the complaint, women hold approximately 70% of the company’s public relations jobs, but only a mere 15% have senior management leadership positions.

Monique da Silva Moore, the plaintiff, was actually forced to accept termination after returning from her maternity leave to a position that no longer existed, which is a similar story that is being told by several other women that worked for the company. The lawsuit seeks class-action status, as well as $100 million in damages. The EEOC has previously dismissed the plaintiff’s claim; however, no finding was issued (according to plaintiff’s attorney).

Handling Female Discrimination in the Workplace

Living in the State of California affords you many legal rights. Pursuant to the California Fair Employment & Housing Act, an employer is prohibited from illegal treatment because of your sex or sexual orientation. The Act covers any employer with 5 or more employees. If you are being subjected to unfair treatment, then you should consult with an experienced attorney. Turn to Shegerian & Associates today!

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