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Age Discrimination Settlement for Strip Club Lawsuit

Age discrimination is one of many different types of bias-based actions that can occur in the workplace. The Age Discrimination Act, specifically prohibits stereotyping of older workers. As long as an employee can perform the essential duties of the position, they should be given the same opportunities as all other workers.

Age Discrimination – Cover Girls Lawsuit Settlement (Houston Strip Club)

Mary Bassi, a former employee of Cover Girls, initiated a suit that was based on allegations of age discrimination and wrongful termination. She claimed that her young managers often made derogatory remarks, including insinuations that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s. She was in her 50’s and her shifts would be passed along to younger employees that were just hired. Bassi was eventually fired after 13 years of service. Cover Girls has settled for $60K.

Age Discrimination – Fighting Illegal Behavior in California

Employees have the right to work in a non-hostile environment. An employer that condones age-related remarks or negative actions that are based on a worker’s age can be held accountable for the repercussions. It is important that employee rights are maintained in the workplace, no matter the line of work.

If you feel that your employer has been treating you incorrectly, based on age discrimination or other unlawful grounds, then you should speak with a qualified attorney right away. You need to take proper measures to preserve your rights. At Shegerian & Associates, you will find skilled and experienced lawyers that can help you with your California case. Contact them today to set up a consultation and to get sound legal advice!

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