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Discrimination in the Workplace

When an employee is subjected to age discrimination, they can end up being treated in an unfair and unequal manner. For instance, they can be denied employment, refused benefits or wrongfully terminated. It is important for a harmed worker to take action to protect their legal interests. Age discrimination is against the law and your employer can be held accountable.

Metallic Products Age Discrimination Suit

The court found that Metallic Products had an illegal mandatory retirement policy in place within their organization. Employees were forced to retire by the time they were 70 years old. The plaintiff in this case, Jeronimo Vidals, was wrongfully discharged due to the age discrimination policy. According to the EEOC, employers must allow workers to compete fairly, no matter their age.

The claim contends that there was a major violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. The lawsuit requests back pay and damages. It seeks to prevent further infractions from occurring at the employer’s workplace. The EEOC’s main focus is to stop employee rights violations.

California Law

An employer that engages in unlawful conduct can be held to the strictest standards when they are found guilty. Misusing employee funds, whether it be payroll or benefits accounts, is a serious situation that can negatively affect the employees involved. In addition to a class action lawsuit damages award, an employer can also be subject to sanction, fines and penalties.

In the State of California, employers cannot discriminate against an employee due to their age. The California Fair Employment & Housing Act applies to companies with more than 5 workers. If an employee is subjected to age discrimination in the workplace, then the employer can be fined and sanctioned.

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