Addressing Unsafe Work Environments

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An Unsafe Work Environment Can Lead to Injuries

An unsafe work environment can be a violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). It is important that workers are able to satisfy their job duties in a safe and friendly workplace. When an employer does not adhere to federal and state regulations, they can be liable for injuries that an employee may sustain.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Lawsuit

An additional lawsuit for carbon-monoxide exposure is currently being initiated by another set of affected employees. The plaintiffs allege that their employer had an unsafe work environment, which lead to varying degrees of brain injury. The previous lawsuit resulted in a $34 million jury verdict over the summer. It was disbursed to 20 workers and their spouses. The new plaintiffs are claiming that they have permanent injuries due to an unsafe work environment that constituted a public nuisance and battery. Compensatory damages to the tune of $39 million are being sought.

Negative Effects of an Unsafe Work Environment

When workers are unable to perform their duties out of harm’s way, it can result in dangerous conditions that can cause serious injuries, on a temporary or permanent basis. If this were to happen, an affected employee could have expensive medical bills, be obligated to take unpaid time off and endure other negative effects. Employers must take precautionary measures to eliminate the possibility of an unsafe work environment.

If your employer is subjecting you to an unsafe work environment or you have sustained injuries due to unsafe conditions, then you need to speak with a qualified California attorney. Contact Shegerian & Associates today for more info!

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