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Discrimination in the Workplace — Fighting Back

Discrimination in the workplace limits the opportunities that an employee can enjoy. When a worker is subjected to harassment, unfair treatment, prejudices and an unsafe work environment, an employer can be held liable for allowing these actions to occur. If you are the victim of discrimination in the workplace, then you need to obtain the services of a legal professional without delay!

EEOC vs. Ocean City

On behalf of the plaintiff, Anthony Indge, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently initiated a lawsuit for discrimination in the workplace. Indge, who is 62 years old, is alleging age bias during an interview for a full-time job at the airport. Throughout the hiring process, the plaintiff was subjected to age-related comments. Ultimately, the position was given to a less qualified and younger candidate.

The complaint also alleges that Ocean City retaliated against the worker when he made a formal complaint. The damages that are being sought include back wages and monetary relief. In addition, policy changes are requested.

California Discrimination in the Workplace

In the State of California, discrimination in the workplace is not allowed to transpire. For instance, an employer cannot discriminate an employee based on their age, race, medical condition, sexual orientation and gender. It is important that a worker is able to avoid a hostile environment that thwarts their work efforts.

If you feel that discrimination in the workplace is going on within your organization, then you need to contact Shegerian & Associates today! Getting qualified legal representation is easy with experienced attorneys!

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