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Pregnancy Discrimination – Top Security Contractor Settles Suit

Pregnancy discrimination can negatively affect a female worker that decides to start a family. An employer is not allowed to condone the unfair treatment of pregnant employees, whether it deals with hiring or continued employment after giving birth. When an employer does not adhere to federal and state statutes the prevent pregnancy discrimination, they can be held liable for their illegal actions.

Akal Security – Pregnancy Discrimination Suit

Akal Security, Inc is set to pay $1.62 million in settlement funds in a class-action lawsuit initiated by 26 female security guards. Headed by the EEOC and the plaintiff’s attorneys, the women were able to get justice for the experiences they endured while being employed at the contract security services company.

The plaintiffs contend that the employer would force them to take leave and would subsequently discharge them. This occurred at various US army bases around the country, including Fort Hood. Retaliation and less favorable employment conditions were also among the allegations put forth by the pregnancy discrimination employees.

California Law

Pregnancy discrimination is against Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as well as the California Fair Employment & Housing Act. Female workers cannot be discriminated against because of their physical condition. As long as they can continue to meet their employment duties, with reasonable accommodations, they must be treated the same as other workers.

If you feel that you are experiencing pregnancy discrimination in your workplace, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for expert legal help. They surely have a pregnancy discrimination Los Angeles attorney ready to enforce your legal rights as an employee!

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