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Wrongful Termination — A Professor’s Moral Decision Is Used Against Her

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Wrongful termination can involve a wide variety of situations, from employment contract violations to discrimination-based discharges. When an employee is subject to this type of treatment, they can lose the financial security that they have come to depend on. Employers can be held accountable for their wrongful termination actions by bringing a legal action against them.

University of Central Florida Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Dr. Nancy Rudner Lugo did not have her contract renewed after she refused to employ a specific textbook in her class. The plaintiff found the education materials included in the “Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care” book to be offensive and stereotyped groups of people.

The plaintiff has concluded that her wrongful termination was a consequence of her decision. She was a tenure-track professor who worked in the College of Nursing. The college issued a statement that explained their use of the best resources to better prepare their students to work with patients of all backgrounds.

Employee Rights

In the State of California, employees have the right to be treated in a fair and equal manner. An employer cannot take retaliatory actions against an employee. If a formal complaint is made against an employer or their practices, a worker still has the right to continue their employment without fear of losing their privileges.

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