Workplace Gender Bias: Eaton Corp. Lawsuit

Gender Bias in the Workplace: Eaton Corp. Lawsuit

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Gender bias in the workplace can lead to harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination, among many other negative consequences.

Gaitane et al v Eaton Corp — Gender Bias Lawsuit Initiated

Eaton Corp manufactures industrial products, hydraulics and truck transmissions. Amy Gaitane and Mahsait Koosha are former employees of Eaton Corp and have initiated a $150 million lawsuit against them. The female employees worked in the electrical service sector of the company. Gaitane was fired in April 2010 and Koosha resigned in August 2010 because she could no longer bear the unjust treatment.

The complaint alleges gender discrimination in regards to promotions and pay, which are mainly based on the company being an old boys club. Gaitane and Koosha claim that they had the qualifications and solid job performance for promotions, but were continually passed over. They also allege that they were subjected to harassment, to the point that Koosha suffered a heart attack from the stress.

Eaton Corp claims that they do not discriminate, the case is without merit and that they will defend their company. The plaintiffs seek class action status for current and former female employees.

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When an employer violates the legal rights of an employee, including gender bias in the workplace, they can be held accountable for their actions. If you are the victim of illegal treatment, then you should speak with a gender discrimination attorney right away. An employment lawyer has the skills and expertise to defend your legal rights. Contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation!

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