Battling Gender Discrimination: Stereotypes and Assumptions

Gender Discrimination: Battling Stereotypes and Assumptions

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Women often deal with stereotyping and assumptions, even if they are considered some of the most powerful in their current workplace. Men do certainly have to deal with some assumptions being made, but when it comes to family situations, employers often overlook particular employees because of unintentional stereotyping. This usually includes the women in the company who have families. If you have ever been passed over for a promotion or have been wronged in any other way because you have a family, you are within your rights to seek counsel.

Some Exemptions

You must realize that you can be passed over for the promotion or job if you are made aware of the requirements and state that you cannot fulfill them. This means that a mother expected to work more than forty hours a week may be turned down if she cannot perform those additional work hours because of children at home. If you are not made aware of the requirements but are passed over simply because of assumption, then you have a lot of room to move.

The Precedent Is Set

In Trezza v. Hartford, Inc., the woman in question was not considered for a promotion because of her family. The firm assumed she would not be able to accept the extensive travel that was required and choose not to offer her the position. In this case, the gender discrimination attorney in question was able to seek legal recourse.

If you feel as though you have been a victim of stereotyping and assumptions, you can rely on a Los Angeles employment lawyer at Shegerian & Associates to help you.

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