Women in the Workforce: Gender Discrimination Cases

Gender Discrimination Cases: Women in the Workforce

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Although there are many laws in place to ensure that men and women in the workplace are compensated equally for their work, there is still a discrepancy between the salaries of women and the salaries of men, even when they are doing the same job. A large part of this is because women more often take time off for maternity leave or become the primary caretakers for children and leave their careers for years at a time to stay at home.

Recognizing Discrimination

Oftentimes if a woman takes time off to stay at home with her children and then returns to work, she will be paid the same amount as when she left or be brought in at a lower rate than her male counterparts are making. Many times employers will claim this is due to reasons of seniority but, in reality, employers often feel men are more dependable than women because they will not leave the work place for future children.

Where to Find Help

Additionally, many women in the workforce experience gender discrimination simply because they are women and some people believe they cannot do the job as well as a man or that they do not really belong in an office environment. Knowing your rights regarding equal pay laws and discrimination policies can help ensure that as a woman, you are treated with respect and compensated accordingly at your place of employment. If you feel you are a victim of gender discrimination, you can rely on the attorneys at Shegerian & Associates to help you find justice.

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