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Gender Discrimination | Turn to Shegerian & Associates for Qualified Legal Help

Gender Discrimination Claim for Cigna Corp

Gender discrimination prevents employees from enjoying a non-hostile work environment that promotes fair and equal treatment. In many instances, an employer will deny a worker certain employment privileges that are bestowed upon others. Victims of gender discrimination commonly experience stereotyping that violates their legal rights. The mistreatment can affect benefits, promotions, training, privileges, termination, demotion and much more.

Cigna Corp. Gender Discrimination Claim

The plaintiff, Bretta Karp, is claiming that the health insurer is committing gender discrimination by blocking female employees from obtaining higher paying positions and promotions. Male employees traditionally hold many of the top job positions; consequently, female evaluation rankings are being forced into a bell curve in order to preserve the status quo. Class action status is being requested for the US District Court claim, as well as over $100 million in damages. The complaint alleges violations of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, as well as violations of state laws.

How to Handle Gender Discrimination

If you are being subjected to gender discrimination in the workplace and your employer is not rectifying the situation, then you should consult with a qualified CA attorney. The State of California prohibits discriminatory actions against workers and employers can be held responsible for their misconduct. When an organization fails to abide by federal, state and local regulations, they can face hefty fines, sanctions and large damage awards.

Only a reputable and experience lawyer can assist you in enforcing your legal rights. You should contact Shegerian & Associates when you need help with a CA employment-related case. You deserve to gain access to personalized attention and sound legal advice!