Summer Heat in the Workplace: General Employment Cases

General Employment Cases: Summer Heat in the Work Place

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Temperatures have been soaring around the country this summer, making it hot and sticky and uncomfortable outside. For those people who do any kind of physical labor outside—roofing, farming, construction—the summer months are often the busiest and fullest months of work, despite the heat. However, while the work might not stop because of the heat, workers still have the right to stay cool while at work. In fact, not taking care to stay cool and take precautions in overwhelming heat could lead to illness or even death.

Tips for Your Health

There are there important things to remember when working in the heat and they seem simple enough but they can often get lost amidst the business of a work day. Water is of upmost important when it is hot, not just for outdoor laborers but for anyone. Workers need to stay hydrated and keep drinking water to keep themselves healthy while out in the sun. Rest is another important thing to remember when working in the heat. While resting might go against the natural grain of getting your work done, a few breaks throughout the day will help with overall productivity and ensure that workers will remain healthy and able to work. And finally, shade is essential.

When to Get Help

Many industries that make use of outdoor laborers do not ensure that their workers are not over-exposed to heat and that often leads to health problems and time away from work. If you do work outside and know you are going to be in the heat, be sure to know your rights when it comes to health and safety and follow the guidelines above to make sure you are safe. You can contact Shegerian & Associates to get the help you need with employers who do not put your comfort first.

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