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General Employment Law: Protecting Whistleblowers

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The term whistleblower often has a negative connotation since it refers to employees who report their employers for breaking the law. There are existing incentives for people to be honest and report law breaking in the workplace but many people are hesitant to actually do so because of possible backlash and fallout. However, by being a “whistleblower”, you could prevent yourself from being responsible or liable for whatever illegal activity the company you work for was partaking in and thus you protect yourself in the long run. Companies often come to professional and financial ruin by overlooking legalities and they bring down all their employees with them when they do so which is why protecting yourself is so important.

Where to Turn

Additionally, you could receive a monetary reward for any information provided about a company wrong doing from the government. While most companies encourage their employees to report any wrong doing internally first so that the company can handle it themselves, this is not a requirement and employees are within their rights to go straight to outside sources if something illegal is occurring at their place of work.

Who Can Help

While there is the potential to earn quite a bit of money as a whistleblower, there are some complex rules and guidelines and possible fallout from turning to the authorities about a company you work for. Talk to whistleblower lawyers at Shegerian & Associates to learn the specific rules and what is required of you before turning anyone in and make sure you are protected yourself if your company is involved in anything illegal.

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