Wrongful Termination in the Government

Government Found Guilty of Wrongful Termination

Wrongful Termination Can Happen Anywhere

Wrongful termination can occur when an employer discharges an employee for unlawful reasons. Some of the most common incidents of wrongful termination include discrimination, breach of contract and disparate treatment.

While many people think that these types of employment matters only transpire in private occupations, it can also occur in public or government positions. One such example is a recent case involving the SEC and a formerly employed enforcement lawyer. According to Garry Aguire (the ex-employee), he was fired when he went after a hedge fund company that was suspected of insider trading.

Aguire was ready to interview a high-profile worker from the company, but found himself out of a job after the request. Aguire suspected special treatment was involved. Due to the wrongful termination, the SEC has agreed to pay Aguire $775,000. While the settlement pleases the ex-employee, he is apologetic that he was not able to carry out his employment duties. Although the company in question ended up paying millions, the case could have been completed much sooner.

Wrongful termination claims can be handled swiftly when you have the aid of an experienced employment attorney. A legal professional is able to provide sound advice and can form an effective legal strategy for your particular circumstances. A wrongful termination attorney will also work alongside a labor agency so that your complaint is handled appropriately.

Employers are required to comply with all federal, state and local employment laws that are in place to protect employee rights. If you are a victim of wrongful termination, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation!

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