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Harassment Violates Employee Rights!

Employers Should Not Condone Harassment

An employee has the right to work in an employment setting that is harassment-free and not dangerous. When an employer turns a deaf ear on illegal conduct, they can be liable for injuries or damages that are sustained, as well as for any retaliatory actions on their part.

Harassment, discrimination and illegal behavior can even occur in Hollywood. According to an ex-House MD set employee, Fox discharged him when he refused to participate in risky behavior and degenerate conduct. Carl Jones, the employee claiming harassment and other misconduct on the part of his employer, was an assistant proper master.

According to his complaint, Jones is claiming that his supervisors and other personnel subjected him to gender discrimination when he refused to get involved in sexual conduct on the set, visit strip bars and get intoxicated. The employer’s personnel referred to Jones as “fag, retard” and other expletives due to his lack of involvement.

After informing Fox producers of the harassment and wrongdoing, Jones was blacklisted from the show. He asserts that there was a hostile work environment, that the employer took no action and that he endured depression and emotional problems from the harassment.

An employer should be careful in dealing with these types of claims, so as not to violate any employee rights that are in place on the federal, state and local levels. The employer in this case needed to provide Jones with a safe work environment that was free of unlawful pestering. If you have been subject to harassment behavior, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation!

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