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Lockheed Martin Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit

A whistleblower lawsuit typically involves an employee reporting the illegal actions of their employer to higher authorities. In most cases, the worker will take proper measures to bring the matter to upper management. However, when a failure of action occurs on the part of the employer, it commonly leads to whistleblowing and a whistleblower lawsuit.

Whistleblower Lawsuit – Lockheed Martin & SAIC Settlement

A former employee of the National Oceanographic Office Major Shared Resources Center, David Magee, filed a whistleblower suit that claims the defendants violated the False Claims Act relating to a U.S. government contract. Because of the false claims, the defendants were able to win a $115 million contract that included a $2 million allotment to Lockheed Martin for work on the National Oceanographic Office. Lockheed has agreed to settle for $2 million.

Whistleblower Lawsuit – Protections under California Law

Various agencies are located in California that can help an employee commence a whistleblower lawsuit. Labor organizations such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the National Relations Labor Board or the Occupational Safety & Health Administration can help a wronged employee. With the help of an experienced attorney, an employer that has committed unlawful actions can be brought to justice through a whistleblower lawsuit

If you need help with whistleblowing or other form of employment law case, then you should contact a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney from Shegerian & Associates today. They will take the time to evaluate the merits of your case and can provide you with sound legal advice. Contact them now to get started!

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