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Overtime Violations – Dick’s Sporting Goods Lawsuit

Overtime violations can dramatically reduce an employee’s income. Employers often engage in this unlawful behavior in order to save money and increase profits. In the State of California, every worker is entitled to fair and equal treatment when it comes to meal and break periods, as well as overtime. Violations can lead to fines, sanctions and penalties.

Overtime Violations — Dick’s Sporting Goods Lawsuit Settled

Dick’s Sporting Goods has recently settled a lawsuit relating to overtime violations in the Rochester NY region. Both current and ex-employees sued the large employer for having to work through their breaks and for unpaid overtime. The settlement award is expected to be $15 million to cover class-action lawsuits in over 22 states. The federal court overseeing the Rochester case is expected to officially approve the settlement.

Overtime Violations – Solutions

When your employer does not take the necessary measures to correct overtime violations, you need to take action immediately. By contacting a qualified employment lawyer, you can obtain sound legal advice on your case. At Shegerian & Associates, you will find a dedicated team of legal professionals that are ready to take on your case. It is important that you hire an experienced lawyer that is well trained and has the skills you need obtain your unpaid wages.

You do not have to endure illegal treatment in the workplace. You can hold your California employer accountable by hiring a highly regarded attorney. Contact Shegerian & Associates today for a consultation and to have your case evaluated!

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