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Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit Outcomes

Hollywood to Pay for Pregnancy Discrimination Suit!


Pregnancy discrimination is a common form of employee rights violation. Under Title VII provisions, an employee should not be treated differently because of their gender. Since pregnancy discrimination is a condition that is associated with being a female, violations can be considered to be a type of sexual harassment.

LucasFilm Ltd. Lawsuit

In recent news, a California court awarded a female employee $113,800 for pregnancy discrimination against her employer, Lucasfilm Ltd. Julie Veronese is a San Francisco employee that received a firm job offer from the employer, but was refused employment when she informed her future employer about her pregnancy.

An internal Lucasfilm email was produced in court that revealed their concern about Veronese’s ability to perform on the job. Veronese emailed her impending supervisor about the delay of her start date and after two months of waiting, she accused the company of pregnancy discrimination.

Even though the employer refused that any actions were based on discrimination, a San Marin jury found otherwise. The employee’s award is comprised of $93,800 for lost wages and $20,000 for her emotional distress. A statement issued by Lucasfilm reveals their intention to appeal the verdict because they are a “family-friendly” company that maintains a positive work environment.

Employee Rights

Both federal and state laws prohibit an employer from stereotyping a female employee in this nature. As long as a worker can exhibit their ability to perform all essential job duties, a pregnant female should be allowed to acquire new employment or continue in their current position.

Defending your legal rights against pregnancy discrimination takes skill and experience, which is why an employment attorney is so important. If you are experiencing such discrimination in your workplace, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for a pregnancy discrimination attorney to discuss your case!

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