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Receive Your Back Pay with the Help of Shegerian & Associates!

You Can Get Back Pay with an Attorney

Employees do not have to excuse the back pay labor law violations occurring in their workplace. An employer has the legal duty to compensate their employees when services have been rendered.

The State of California does not allow employers to support back pay as a way to save on payroll expenses. If you have been waiting on back pay, then you need to speak with an experienced California employment attorney.

Country Builders, Inc.

The attorney general initiated a claim against this construction company on behalf of 120 workers. The complaint outlined allegations of unfair competition and state labor law violations. The employer recently agreed to a settlement of $3.9 million, $2.2 million of which is back pay that will be disbursed to the victims. The remainder of the settlement is made up of penalties. In addition, the employer cannot take part in a government-funded public project for 3 years.

The Repercussions

A California employer that does not abide by federal and state laws can end up paying out a costly damages award. It is important that employees receive the back pay owed to them in order to continue affording their living expenses. When an employer engages in back pay misconduct, they can face severe penalties, fines and much more.

If you are concerned that your employer is not paying you correctly, then you need to speak with a California employment lawyer that cares. Using the right legal professional can increase your chances of success. Contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation!

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