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Religious Discrimination Case — Convergys Lawsuit

Religious discrimination negatively affects an employee’s ability to obtain employment or to maintain employment. An employer that discriminates based on a worker’s creed can cause a hostile work environment.

Convergys Corporation Lawsuit

Shannon Fantroy, a former employee of Convergys, is claiming that the employer wrongfully refused to hire him for an advertised employment position when he stated that he could not work on Saturdays due to his Hebrew religion. The position was available for a call center and was posted online. The claim alleges that Convergys violated federal law because of their religious discrimination. The employer told the candidate that if he could not work on the weekends, the interview was over.

Pursuant to federal regulations, an employer must make reasonable accommodations, unless it causes an undue hardship. With the help of the EEOC and his attorney, Fantroy was able to initiate the suit in a federal district court. The claim seeks back pay, front pay, injunctive relief and damages. The EEOC commented on the case, saying that refusing to hire a person without even discussing a possibility of an accommodation is unlawful. Convergys employs over 500 people in the US and over 70,000 worldwide.

California Religious Discrimination

The California Fair Employment & Housing Act stipulates that employers with more than 5 workers cannot discriminate against an employee due to their religion. If an employer violates California law, they can face stiff penalties. Contact Shegerian & Associates today to set up a consultation with a qualified employment law attorney. You can work with a dedicated team of legal professionals!

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