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Religious Views in the Workplace

How Religious Convictions Affect Work

Employers are expected to make reasonable accommodations for religious customs and practices. However, it cannot interfere in such a significant way that the worker is unable to meet ordinary and daily tasks. While religious views cannot affect an employer’s decision to terminate an employee, it can certainly be considered if they significantly impair an employee’s ability to perform their job duties.

Religious Beliefs Case

A case has been initiated by a religious employee (Ed Graning) against CARTS. The employer is being sued for firing the bus driver after his religious views impaired his ability to drive two female customers to Planned Parenthood. The public transportation service helps residents go from place to place, regardless of the reasons for their trip (religious or otherwise). In this particular situation, customers were essentially denied transportation due to the worker’s own personal and religious beliefs about abortion.

Graning contends that he was wrongfully discharged due to his Christian principles. The employer argues that the worker put his own religious convictions ahead of a customer’s need to access healthcare. While the worker is looking to get money for back pay, distress and reinstatement, many proponents believe that he was not abiding by his job duties and should not have been deciding when and where people should go.

Religious Protections

Even though Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects religious views when it comes to hiring, firing, benefits, promotions, demotions and more, it does not apply to situations where an employee is infringing upon the rights of others. However, each case is different and circumstances may necessitate a drastic move. If you need to have your case evaluated, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for more information!

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