Addressing Sexual Harassment by Non-Employees

Sexual Harassment Cases: Sexual Harassment by Non-Employees

Sexual Harassment Cases: Sexual Harassment by Non-Employees

If you have ever suffered sexual harassment in the workplace, you are fully within your rights to report the behavior immediately. If you feel the harassment was above and beyond the usual, you may even wish to begin a lawsuit immediately against your company and the person who harassed you. What happens if the person harassing you doesn’t actually work for your company? Do you then have the right to report his or her actions to your supervisor? The answer is: If the harassment occurred on your work premises, then yes, of course you do.

JWhat to Expect

Your place of employment should take active interest in your safety and well being by asking several questions about the harassment in question. You should be prepared with all the facts, including names, locations, and an exact description of what occurred. If you have witnesses to the event, or perhaps even other people who have suffered the same treatment by the same person, you must gather them together in an effort to eliminate the problem. There will be lots of interviews, but you should understand that your involvement should always be kept confidential.

When to Take Action

Allow a reasonable amount of time for the complaint to travel the chain of command. If you believe that your complaint has been cast aside or ignored, then you might want to consider a lawsuit. You can rely on the legal team at Shegerian & Associates to help you through a difficult case such as this one.

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