Seeking Professional Help for Your Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit – Getting Professional Help to Fight Your Employer

How a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Can Help You

A sexual harassment lawsuit can arise out of a variety of employment-related issues. For instance, an employer may be condoning unfair treatment due to a worker’s sexual orientation, race, religion or disability. As a wronged-employee, you can enforce your rights through a sexual harassment lawsuit, so that an employer can be held accountable for their illegal behavior..

Waterford Township Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

An ex-female employee has been able to obtain a $95,000 settlement from the Waterford Township. It happens to be the second sexual harassment lawsuit that the town has coped with in the last two years. Arlene Hampton was an administrative specialist for the police department in their records division. She claims that supervisors were making suggestive comments and she endured name-calling such as “bra brigade.” Hampton continues to be employed by the town. In the previous lawsuit involving the same kind of allegations and supervisors, the settlement was for $325,000.

How to Protect Yourself

If you are being sexually harassed in the workplace, you should make a formal complaint with upper management in order to get the matter resolved. In the event that your report is not taken seriously or has not been resolved, then you should consult with an experienced sexual harassment lawsuit attorney right away. Only a licensed and skilled legal professional can assist you in maneuvering through the complex legal system.

You should turn to Shegerian & Associates for expert advice and guidance. They are ready to help you start a sexual harassment lawsuit on your behalf and will do everything they can to obtain a positive outcome for you!

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