Be Cautious: Social Media Use and Legal Cases

Social Media Use Cases: Be Careful What You Say

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While you may feel as though you are free to speak your own opinions about your job when you are not in work, there are cases where what you say could get you into trouble. This is especially true with social media, though you may feel as though this is your particular safe zone. After all, it is your own profile, and may feel as safe to you as your home. However, you must realize that anything on the Internet is available to anyone else. Whatever you put out there for the world to see is considered public domain, no matter how many privacy settings you include.

Other Public Forums

You should also be careful what you say in mixed company. There is nothing wrong with venting to a close friend or spouse, but telling your stories at a party could get you in trouble. You never know who might be listening in, and how that could affect your professional life. Anything that you say can be used against you, and that means you could suffer punishment or even termination for your opinions.

Get Help When You Need It

If you found you have made a mistake, or if you feel you are being punished unfairly for something that should have been kept private, you can seek legal representation. The attorneys at Shegerian & Associates are dedicated to help you retain your rights, and they have years of experience doing so. Don’t stand idly by and allow your job to slip away.

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