Stop Gender Discrimination in Your Workplace

Stop Gender Discrimination in Your Workplace with Shegerian & Associates!

How Gender Discrimination Affects the Work Environment

Gender discrimination can lead to a hostile work environment. For instance, many female workers endure unwanted comments and inappropriate behavior in their place of work. When an employer learns of this illegal conduct and does not take the necessary steps to eliminate gender discrimination, they can be liable for violating labor laws.

Goldman Sachs Lawsuit

Former female employees of Goldman Sachs are accusing the giant financial firm of gender discrimination. Among the plaintiffs are a vice president, managing director and an associate. Examples of gender discrimination that are being alleged include work parties at strip clubs, less pay than male counterparts, physical touching and more. Goldman Sachs denies the allegations and states that the lawsuit is without merit. The lawsuit is still in its beginning stages.

California Law

Gender discrimination is one of the protected classes in the California Fair Housing & Employment Act. The federal government and the State of California require employers to avoid unlawful treatment of female workers. Women must be given the same opportunities as male employees and should not be subjected to bias or stereotyping. It is important that female employees have equal treatment in the workplace, whether it is during hiring, promotions, benefits, travel opportunities, training or other aspects of employment.

If you feel that your employer is condoning gender discrimination, then you should hire an experienced employment attorney in California. You can turn to Shegerian & Associates to obtain personalized service and sound legal advice. Contact them today to set up a consultation and to protect your legal rights!

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