Stop Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Stop Gender Discrimination with the Help of Shegerian & Associates!

How Gender Discrimination Can Affect You

Gender discrimination in the workplace is more common than many employees are aware of. In many cases, unfair treatment comes in the form of sexual harassment. Employers have a duty to comply with all federal and state laws that protect the rights of workers.

When gender discrimination occurs, whether it is due to sexual orientation or the actual sex of the employee, it can cause a hostile work environment. Every employee has the right to perform his or her job duties without being subjected to bias behavior or stereotyping — an employer can be held accountable through a gender discrimination suit.

N9NE Group Lawsuit

Leslie Culler was the former art director for N9NE Group, which is a company that owns numerous nightclubs and restaurants, including business ventures at the Palms. The plaintiff accuses her employer of 200 instances of unwanted sexual advances, physical touching and harassment. As a result, she claims to have endured retaliation for her refusals to engage in such activities, that there were illegal gender discrimination practices going on, and she suffered from emotional distress. In a previous discrimination lawsuit involving minority workers, the employer settled for $460,000.

Gender Discrimination Laws

In the State of California, an employer cannot base employment decisions or actions due to a worker’s sex. The California Fair Employment & Housing Act covers employers with 5 or more employees and includes protection for sexual orientation. If your employer is causing an unsafe or hostile work environment due to gender discrimination, then you need to speak with a qualified attorney. Contact Shegerian & Associates today to get expert guidance and advice!

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