Stop Overtime Abuse with the Help of Shegerian & Associates

Stop Overtime Abuse with the Help of Shegerian & Associates!

Overtime Abuse — California Law

Employers have the duty to avoid overtime abuse by complying with all federal, state and local labor laws that are in effect. When an employee works beyond a normal 40-hour schedule, they have the right to be compensated accordingly. When this does not occur, an employee can seek retribution for the overtime abuse that is taking place.

Sun Healthcare Lawsuit

An ex-employee of Sun Healthcare is making claims of overtime abuse, as well as other wage violations that do not comply with California law. The class-action lawsuit is expected to yield compensation of less than $5 million. The employer contends that they have done no wrong and will fight the action and complaint. Further details into the case are not yet available, including the number of employees that are part of the overtime abuse suit.

California Law — Preventing Overtime Abuse

In the State of California, employees are able to receive 1.5 times their normal rate of pay when they work between 8-12 hours in one day. If their hours go above 12 years in one day, then they get to receive 2 times their normal wage rate. The minimum hourly rate that must be paid in California is $8. In addition, there are certain mandatory meal and rest periods that must be furnished when certain conditions have been met.

If you are facing overtime abuse in your workplace, then you need to acquire the help of a legal professional that cares. Turn to Shegerian & Associates when you want personalized service!

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