Stop Sexual Discrimination Now with Shegerian & Associates

Stop Sexual Discrimination Now with Shegerian & Associates!

Sexual Discrimination — Defending Your Rights

When sexual discrimination is allowed to occur in the workplace, an employer can be liable for a large damages award. They can also be forced to provide special training to their workforce and may have to pay hefty fines and penalties for their actions. Supporting sexual discrimination flies in the face of the protections that are afforded by federal and state statutes.

Glendale Police Department Case

Susan Hayn has recently initiated a sexual discrimination claim against her California employer, The Glendale Police Department. She is one of many women that have come forward to accuse the force that they have been subject to gender-based mistreatment for several years. Many male officers and city officials are named as guilty parties to the sexual discrimination misconduct.

Among the complaints that are listed, the women state that male co-workers supported a glass ceiling mentality on women’s roles in the workplace. For example, men would repeatedly have transfer requests approved, while female constituents would have theirs denied. Hayn was also accused of having an affair with a co-worker in the hopes of bringing her reputation down.

California Law

Under California law, an employee does not have to endure sexual discrimination simply because they are female or male. An employer is prohibited from stereotyping or otherwise mistreating an employee because of their gender, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy status and cannot partake in sexual harassment.

If you need to obtain the services of a qualified sexual discrimination attorney, then you should speak with experienced legal professionals. Contact Shegerian & Associates today to set up a consultation!

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