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Stop Sexual Discrimination Now!

Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

Sexual discrimination is one of the most common forms of discriminatory actions that are taken by an employer or its employees. California law requires companies to comply with employment laws that prohibit prejudice against a worker due to their gender, which includes sexual orientation. A worker that is subject to harassment, abuse and any other unlawful act that arises out of sexual discrimination can take legal action to end the mistreatment.

Titan Capital Case

A current case in the news that deals with sexual discrimination involves two female workers that were wrongfully terminated after making a complaint about illegal actions. The parties involved in the suit are both male and female personnel. Some of the sexual discrimination allegations from the two employees include cursing, name-calling and more.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found no unlawful conduct. However, qualified legal counsel that are representing the plaintiffs are moving forward with a lawsuit.

California Protections

The sexual discrimination laws that are afforded by the state include protections for marital status and pregnancy status, which can be used against a worker in terms of gender-related conditions. When an employee is subjected to violations, they can experience severe emotional distress that prevents them from completing their daily job duties.

An employer that condones illegal behavior can be held liable for their actions. If you are suffering from sexual discrimination in your workplace, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for legal assistance. They will be able to review the merits of your case and provide you with sound legal advice. Contact them now!

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