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Stop Sexual Harassment in California with the help of Shegerian & Associates!

Sexual Harassment in California Lawsuit

Sexual harassment in California happens to be one of the most common forms of discrimination. While many female employees are typically the victims of this illegal treatment, male employees can also be subjected to sexual harassment in California. According to the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA), an employer cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender. Some of the unfair conduct can include stereotyping, demotions, wrongful termination and more.

Glancy Binkow & Goldberg (a Century City Law Firm) Lawsuit

A former female employee of this law firm is claiming to be the victim of sexual harassment in California and wrongful termination. After making complaints about the performance of an employee, Ashlee Ilewicz was fired after 14 months on the job and purports it was the result of retaliation. Some of the misconduct that is being alleged includes a paid lap dance at a local LA bikini bar by the founding partner after a holiday party; a hostile work environment where male employees continually talked about sex and made derogatory comments; and naked pictures of women being posted on the wall of a lawyer.

Sexual Harassment in California

Employee rights must be safeguarded in the workplace. Sexual harassment in California can prevent a worker from performing their job duties and violates federal, state and local laws. If you feel that your employer is condoning sexual harassment in California, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for help. With experienced attorneys fighting on your behalf, you can get the restitution that you deserve!

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