Stop Sexual Harassment with Shegerian & Associates

Stop Sexual Harassment with Shegerian & Associates!

Sexual Harassment Claims Can Bring Results

Sexual harassment can be found in both large and small work environments. When an employer decides to violate the rights of an employee, they can be found guilty of breaking labor laws in California. Employees can protect themselves by hiring a qualified CA attorney that takes the time to stay abreast of current cases and changes in the law.

Karla R. Hamner vs. John R. Leopold, etc

An ex-Anne Arundel county worker from Maryland is suing her former employer for sexual harassment. She claims that the county executive, John R. Leopold, made unwanted sexual advances and subjected her to verbal and physical abuse that lead to depression.

Hamner was Leopold’s employee for over a year and is not the only woman to bring sexual harassment allegations against the county executive. The defendant’s attorney denies any misconduct and suggests that these actions are politically motivated due to it being a re-election year.

The plaintiff was fired after reporting the sexual harassment to her supervisor, who then transferred her to the police department where she ultimately met her demise.

California Law

In California, it is also against the law for an employer to victimize an employee with sexual harassment. Gender-based discrimination is a violation of the CA Fair Employment & Housing Act and federal statutes.

Female workers do not have to condone this sort of unlawful treatment and should speak with a sexual harassment lawyer right away. Contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation and sound legal advice. They are ready to help you!

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