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Stop Unsafe Work Conditions with the Help of a Qualified Labor Attorney!

Unsafe Work Conditions Could End Up Harming You

Unsafe work conditions can put a worker in harm’s way. An employer that does not rectify a hazardous work environment can be fined and sanctioned by agencies such as the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). Employers have the duty to comply with all federal, state and local regulations that pertain to the safety of their employees. If you are currently working in unsafe work conditions, then you should confer with a skilled labor attorney for expert help!

Unsafe Work Conditions: Bison Builders Lawsuit Verdict — San Rafael, CA

An ex-worker that was severely injured on the job has obtained judgment against a California employer. Bison Builders was found 75% guilty in failing to erect scaffolding that met state height requirements. As a result, an elevator mechanic (David Travis), suffered spinal injuries that led to constant pain and suffering. He now has to wear diapers and will most likely be bound to a wheelchair. The jury in this unsafe work conditions case awarded the plaintiff $11.7 million.

Unsafe Work Conditions: Holding an Employer Accountable

Employees do not have to endure unfair treatment in the workplace. You can speak with a qualified CA attorney to get sound legal advice, guidance and representation. It is important that you fight for your rights, so that you can complete your employment duties in a hostile-free and safe environment.

Contact Shegerian & Associates to speak with an attorney that handles cases involving unsafe work conditions. A team of legal professionals is waiting to help you with your case!

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