Stop Wage Violations with Shegerian & Associates

Stop Wage Violations with Shegerian & Associates!

Wage Violations – Get Justice with Legal Help!

Wage violations can put an employee’s livelihood at risk. An employee depends on lawful wage practices in the workplace in order to support their household. When California wage violations are permitted to occur within an organization, an employee can face financial hardship.

Zumiez Case

A lawsuit involving wage violations on the part of Zumiez, a large California retailer, is expected to have a price tag of approximately $2.1 million. Among the many allegations in the complaint include meal/rest period violations and overtime wage violations. While the employer is asserting they are not guilty of wage violations or other abuses, it is stating that they are settling in order to ward off additional attorney expenses. Both current and former workers will benefit from the settlement award.

California Employers

In order to do business in California, employers must treat their workers fairly by complying with all labor laws. When a company decides to condone unlawful treatment, they can be subjected to large penalties and sanctions. In many cases, employers often pay more money when they do not take the time to resolve wage violations in-house.

An employee has the right to be paid in the manner that was agreed upon at the time of hiring. They must also receive overtime wages when certain circumstances have been met. Being subject to back pay or other wage-related misconduct is against the law. If you are the victim of an employment law violation, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates for a consultation. They are ready to help you!

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