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Stop Work Harassment with the Help of Skilled Attorneys at Shegerian & Associates!

How Work Harassment Can Hurt You

Work harassment can lead to a hostile work environment that often infringes upon an employee’s legal rights. An employer can be held accountable for allowing its staff to subject an employee to unfair treatment in the workplace. Workplace harassment is a growing concern within many organizations and can be dealt with by a legal professional.

One Call Locators Work Harassment Lawsuit

Matthew Sherwood, an employee of One Call Locators (a utility location company), claims to be the victim of work harassment. Co-workers subjected him to emotional distress through acts of defamation and invasion of privacy. Sherwood took a voluntary demotion within the organization in order to pursue his studies as a minister. His religious decision ended up being the cause of a Facebook hack by his coworkers, who changed his status to purport that he was a Satanist. Sherwood seeks $15,000 as restitution.

Work Harassment — California Law

In the State of California, it is against the law to allow work harassment to occur. The California Fair Employment & Housing Act, as well as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, prevents an employer from treating employees different because of their religion. Every worker has the right to perform their employment duties in a hostile-free environment, no matter what their personal convictions may be.

If you are experiencing work harassment and would like to obtain the help of an experienced and well-qualified attorney, then you should contact Shegerian & Associates today. They are ready to fight for your rights and can offer expert advice and guidance!

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