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Stop Wrongful Termination Today with Shegerian & Associates!

Wrongful Termination — The Negative Effects

Wrongful termination can negatively affect an employee’s livelihood. Without a regular stream of income, a worker can face serious financial hardships. In order to avoid this situation, many employees will endure unlawful treatment from their employer. However, workers do not have to tolerate the events that lead up to wrongful termination. You can hire an experienced attorney to assist you in defending your legal rights.

Seton Hall Case

In Bobby Gonzalez v. Seton Hall, wrongful termination attorneys for the petitioner fought the elimination of his tenure at the university. Gonzalez was the university’s basketball coach for the men’s division. He worked there for 4 years and was subjected to wrongful termination after losing an opening game in March 2010.

In the employee’s claim, attorneys sought 2 years of wages for being fired without cause. Seton Hall claimed that the wrongful termination was due to problems unrelated to the game. The university referred to conduct issues on and off the court. Settlement has now been reached in the case, with terms remaining confidential.

California Law

Wrongful termination goes against California law and can lead to an employer being fined, sanctioned and penalized. While employees may be subject to employment at-will, they cannot be fired based on being part of a protected class, whistle blowing, retaliation or any other unlawful ground.

If you are the victim of illegal conduct at your workplace, then you should obtain the counsel of experienced employment law attorneys. Contact Shegerian & Associates today to speak with someone today!