Transgender Discrimination Case vs. Urban Treatment Associates

Transgender Discrimination Cases: Urban Treatment Associates

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Employment discrimination can occur in a number of ways, including transgender discrimination. An employer must treat their workers fairly and equally, no matter their gender or sexual orientation. Negative consequences that arise from illegal treatment can include a denial of opportunities, demotion, termination, harassment and more.

Urban Treatment Associates Lawsuit

A former employee of Urban Treatment Associates, El’Jai Devoureau has begun a claim against the employer. On his second day of employment, Devoureau was asked if he was transgender, a question that he declined to answer. Consequently, the plaintiff found himself discharged from his newly appointed position. Devoureau was a urine monitor, an employee that oversaw any potential switching out of urine for drug addicts. He was born a female and underwent surgery to become a male.

The employer has stated that the termination was not based on discrimination. It is important to note that the State of New Jersey has clearly banned transgender discrimination since 2006.

How You Can Fight Employment Discrimination in California

Our state bans discrimination that is based on sex or sexual orientation. As a result, a CA employer could be found to be violating the law if they were to discriminate against an employee who was a transgender individual. Your sex should not define your ability to complete your job duties, only your qualifications should.

If you feel that your legal rights are being violated in the workplace, then you should contact a reputable lawyer. At Shegerian & Associates, you will find a dedicated legal team that is ready to enforce your rights as an employee.

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