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Unemployment Cases: The Legalities of Layoffs

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Layoffs are becoming more and more common in today’s economy and many companies are downsizing and cutting back on employees or shutting their doors all together. While being laid off is a different experience than being terminated, you still have certain rights, and knowing the steps you can take after being laid off is helpful to ensuring that you were not the victim of an unfair situation or laid off for reasons other than company economics.

Proving Your Case

Although many companies often downsize by laying off several employees, making it difficult to prove you have been singled out, there is still someone who makes the decision of who goes and who stays in an downsizing situation. It is possible that person making those decisions may have certain biases that come into play when making decisions or perhaps they have a personal vendetta or history with someone and they may incorporate those feelings into their decision of who to layoff.

Where to Get Help

If you do experience a layoff, the most important step that can be taken to protect your rights is to look at who else was laid off. If the decision about whom to lay off and who to keep makes sense, say, those with the least seniority were let go, then you can rest assured that a fair decision was made. However, if you feel as though you have been a victim of discrimination in any form, you can contact Shegerian & Associates for legal counsel.

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